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Deter. Verify. Respond. Apprehend.

Our comprehensive solution of technology plus a strong live presence includes video monitoring and advanced video analytics, audio announcements and 2-way communication, and covert GPS trackers that speed up law enforcement's apprehension of suspects and recovery of your assets. Our experienced security consultants and state-of-the-art tools are designed to deter and detect — effectively transforming your pharmacy environment for employees and customers.   

Total Security. Employee and Customer Safety. A Platform You Can Count On.

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  • State-of-the-art technology and live presence is tailored to your specific footprint, environment and layout.  
  • Integrated system outsmarts and outmaneuvers both external and internal threats. 
  • Live remote presence reduces the risk of engagement.
  • Covert GPS trackers on high-value items, merchandise, cash, tobacco and pharmaceuticals pinpoint thieves location for quick apprehension by law enforcement. 
  • Frequent video tours, expert camera placement, and live monitoring provides eyes by your side — and into every corner of the business.
  • Live voice response to any perceived threat or harassment provides a strong audio deterrent in real time.
  • Our prevent-protect-apprehend security solution transforms the pharmacy environment to a safer place for customers and staff.

Robust Suite of Services

Live audio and video presence. Advanced analytics. GPS tracking. Results.

Live Audio and Video Presence

Live Audio and Video Presence

A live audio and video security presence that’s clear to employees and customers, with security video monitors, video enforcement at key entry points, in-store announcements, and a 24/7 liaison with law enforcement.

Advanced Video Analytics

Advanced Video Analytics

Our video analytics improve threat detection, minimize loss, and speed up law enforcement response. 

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Covert Bluetracs by SolvLive GPS trackers on assets, cash or smartphones automatically and silently report the crime, with robbers unaware. Data is updated in seconds. Our monitoring center alerts law enforcement and stays on the line, pinpointing location until the conclusion of the event — resulting in suspects being apprehended and stolen assets recovered.

Overcome Internal and External Threats

DEA reports have found that a relatively high percentage of pharmaceutical thefts involve pharmacy employees. Anecdotal evidence from crime reports, interviews with pharmacists, and reviews of video surveillance show that much of this diversion involves employees informing thieves of security systems, alarm codes, store layout and the location of target drugs. SolvLive knows how to outsmart this kind of internal diversion.

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Successful Apprehensions
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Your Pharmacy’s Best Ally

SolvLive state-of-the-art technology and strong live presence protect your people, profits, and reputation.